Agency Terms & Conditions


This job board may be used for the purposes of seeking employment by any job seeker free of any charges. Likewise, no recruitment or employment business promoting vacancies on this site should seek to impose any charges on a job seeker.

Please read these conditions before using the job board.  By using the site, you agree to be bound by these conditions.

Jobs and CV Search
1.    Definitions

  • "job board": means the site and includes its content, databases, software, code and graphics.

  • “TEAM for Jobs Ltd”: owns the job board and is referenced as TFJ. Registered office: 3 Hillbrow House, Linden Drive, Liss, Hampshire. GU33 7RJ

  • “Member or TEAM Member”: means a Member of The Employment Agents Movement (UK) Ltd, t/a TEAM and “they” or “them” should be construed accordingly.

  • "Services": means the online recruitment services provided by this site.

  • “Service Provider”: refers to a Member of TEAM who provides a product or service to Members, usually at special TEAM Member discounted rates.

  • "Terms": means these Terms and Conditions.

  • “we”: means Team for Jobs Ltd, and “our” or “us” should be construed accordingly.

  • “you”: means the person, business, company or organisation browsing and/or using this job board and “your” shall be construed accordingly.

2.    Job Board Arrangements

TFJ has entered into an agreement with TEAM to currently allow its Members free use and access to this job board and to post job opportunities.  Job seekers have unrestricted access to the site and can directly contact any of the relevant Members to make further enquiries of any job posting.  Job seekers, can at their discretion, register their job seeking requirements on the siteto:

  • Receive job alerts from any TEAM Member posting a future job opportunity that meets their criteria.

  • Allow TEAM Members to undertake a CV search of the job seeker database to match their criteria against other job opportunities.

  • Members are required to observe all relevant legislation regarding Data Protection and the rights of the individuals supplying the data.

3.    Service Providers

Opportunities may be provided to TEAM Service Providers to promote various products and services deemed to be of interest to job seekers.  Their use of them is entirely at their own discretion.

4.    TEAM Members

TFJ shall provide the Services in accordance with these Terms.  Members must be a current, paid up Member of TEAM in order to gain access to the Services.  The Services do not constitute an offer by TFJ and TFJ reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to refuse to offer the Services to any person or business.  In the event of the Agency no longer being a Member of TEAM for any reason, their access to the site will be denied and any content or reference removed with immediate effect.

  • The Member, if a recruitment agency or an employment business, will comply with the provisions of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Businesses Regulations 2003 ("the Regulations") and the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and any other or subsequently updated legislation or Regulation in relation to all job postings on the site, communications with job seekers and management of their data.

  • All and any subsequent dealings between the Member and any job seeker in connection to the job posting are the sole responsibility of the Member and TFJ accepts no liability whatsoever.

  • The Member is responsible for the content of the vacancy and will indemnify TFJ against any claim, loss, liability, expense and/or damage.

  • In the event that the Member makes a claim against TFJ for whatever reason, TFJ liability (if any) shall not exceed the price paid or to be paid by the Member for the Services.  Under no circumstances shall TFJ be liable for any consequential, indirect or special losses howsoever arising or for any loss of profits, revenue, interest, goodwill, business and/or savings whether direct or indirect.

  • The Member undertakes not to submit in any job posting anything which is illegal, defamatory, offensive, fraudulent, violent, discriminatory, obscene or sexually explicit or which may adversely affect TFJ or TEAM.

  • TFJ cannot guarantee that the job board and/or the Services will always be available or that the job board will be free from errors, viruses and/or other harmful applications or that the Services will generate any applications, responses or results.

  • All intellectual property rights connected with the Services and/or the job board shall remain vested in TFJ or any third party from whom such rights are licensed.  The Member shall not reproduce, copy, modify, adapt, publish, transmit, distribute or in any way commercially exploit any material which is subject to any such intellectual property rights.

  • The Member shall not offer, share or sell job postings to any other business or businesses outside of the TEAM membership.

  • The Member shall not share its CV searching access with any unauthorised third party or download CVs for what may be adjudged inappropriate use.  CV search access can only be used for recruitment purposes.

  • Using CV searching for the purposes of marketing or direct selling to job seekers is prohibited and may result in the suspension/termination of the membership of that Member.

  • The Member shall not use any automated computer program to search for and/or download information on job seekers.  Breach of this clause may result in suspension/termination of the membership of that Member.

  • TFJ reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to remove any job posting at any time without reason.

5.    Security and Passwords

To register on this site and to sign in when you visit the site, you will need to use a user name and password.  You are solely responsible for the security and proper use of your password, which should be kept confidential always.  You must notify us immediately if you believe that your password is known to someone else or if it may be used in an unauthorised way.  We accept no liability for any unauthorised or improper use or disclosure of any password.

6.    Termination

We may terminate your access to the site or any part of it (including any services, goods or information available on or through the site) at any time in our absolute discretion and without any explanation or notification.

7.    Liability

We accept no liability for any loss (whether direct or indirect, for loss of business, revenue or profits, wasted expenditure, corruption or destruction of data or for any other indirect or consequential loss whatsoever) arising from your use of the site and we hereby exclude any such liability, whether in contract, tort (including for negligence) or otherwise.  We hereby exclude all representations, warranties and conditions relating to this job board and your use of it to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You agree to indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all costs, expenses, claims, losses, liabilities or proceedings arising from use or misuse by you of this site.

You must notify us immediately if anyone makes or threatens to make any claim against you relating to your use of this site.

8.    Law and Jurisdiction

The use of this job board and any agreements entered into through this site are to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.  The courts of England are to have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of this job board or any agreement made through this job board.

9.    Changes to Terms and Conditions and Invalidity

These terms and conditions may be changed by us at any time.  You will be deemed to accept the terms and conditions (as amended) when you next use this site following any amendment.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.