How to Adopt Early Technologies as a Recruiter

12 November

As business owners, this is something you’ll hear more and more over the next few years; we’re currently in the middle of a technical revolution, which is moving faster than ever before. I fear that businesses and recruiters who don’t embrace new technology will begin to fall behind over the coming years. It won’t be noticeable at first, but it will begin to creep and build and then it will be ...


Is Your Digital Footprint Affecting Your Career?

10 October

In today’s digital age we leave a footprint everywhere. In fact, according to internet security firm AVG, an average of 81% of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint; crazy right? By the time you’re starting on the career ladder, your footprint could be pretty impressive. Throw in an increasingly competitive jobs market and you may have a challenge on your hands. Now we ...


10 Easy To Follow Interview Tips

08 August

With the summer holidays in full swing, job interviews might be the last thing on your mind. However, it will be back-to-work before we know it and the long, leisurely break will be over. With this in mind, we asked around the ISV team for their top interview tips. If you are out of practice, having your first interview, or your first interview for a long time, then these 10 easy to follow inte...


Transitioning from Sales Consultant to Sales Manager

03 July

The recruitment industry is a funny old world. We can be so focused on getting our clients’ businesses boosted through exceptional talent and recruitment that we forget about our own. The result is that we tend to become somewhat accidental. Do we consciously think about our own talent development for our future success? The reality is that for a recruitment agency to be successful in the here ...


The Project Charter

13 June

Do you ever feel your project work is taking over your “real” job? Do you feel you spend more time and energy on projects than you intended? If so, a good idea is to start by mapping out a Project Charter before you begin. This idea might be traced back to Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which way she should go and the Cheshire Cat asks where s...


Top 10 Tips For Taking Recruitment Tests

21 February

Searching for a new job is almost a full-time job itself. It’s packed full of stresses like making sure your CV is in the best shape, putting across the best impression possible to your recruiter and the hiring manager. Then you’re asked to sit through some recruitment assessments. Aaargh – as if you haven’t got enough to contend with! Ok relax. Take a breath. If your recruiter is asking you to...


Proven LinkedIn Techniques That Work If You Are Unemployed

19 December

If you have recently found yourself out of work then it is time to get busy updating your social media sites. With exception to checking that your Facebook and twitter profiles have no embarrassing photos, posts/Tweets that are in the public domain, racist or profanities, then the most important profile you need to take care over is good old LinkedIn. I guarantee that potential employers will b...


The Robots Are Coming!

04 December

The past few weeks I have had the most interesting discussions about future jobs, which ones will still be available and what could be new on the horizon. It’s been fascinating! The discussions have been from Electrical / System Maintenance Engineers working remotely, picking up ad hoc fixing problems for a set price, maybe whilst sat on a beach! To 3D printing your own food?...!!! We are big t...


Is Your Counter-Offer Counter-Productive?

01 December

So, congratulations you have searched for a new role, been selected, been offered, have accepted AND resigned! You’re home and dry right? Ready to walk in to the sunset! NOT SO FAST … assuming that you are a valuable employee, and assuming that the axe wasn’t about to fall anyway through dismissal or redundancy, a counter offer is likely coming. I have found throughout my 15+ year recruitment c...


12 Steps to Doing Your Resignation Right

22 November

So, congratulations you have searched for a new role, been selected, offered and have accepted. You’ve done the hard work, right? Well there’s still one big job to do … handing in your notice AKA resigning! While some people can’t wait to tell their current Boss where to stick his job, and we’ll come on to that approach later, many people if they’re honest find it a difficult appointment/proces...