How should I address career gaps on my CV?

23 January

When it comes to CV writing, many professionals pull out all the stops in their efforts to impress prospective employers. Personal statements are crafted to perfection, skills neatly summarised and margins formatted to the millimetre. A CV should present your skills and experience in the most positive light possible. For many of us, the easiest aspect of CV writing is highlighting the achieveme...


Why and how to leverage social media when thinking of a career change

07 October

Social media has connected the world in ways we could never have imagined 20 years ago. Anyone with an internet connection can now share news, ideas, memories and more with others close to home - and around the world. It’s clear that being on social media can help expand your personal network - but what about professional opportunities? When we polled our professional connections on how much so...


Blond Ambition For More Than A 9 to 5

02 September

Recently I had an amazing night out in the West End watching 9to5, the musical theatre production named after the 1980s movie, starring Dolly Parton. As well as the sheer comedy genius, I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective on working life and I started to think about my journey as a GenX through my career. In the 1980s as a pre-teen, I aspired to be an office worker. I wanted to work my way to ...


The Pros and Cons of Job-hopping

01 August

‘Job-hopper’ is something of a loaded term. For some recruiters and employers, it brings to mind a candidate who lacks the necessary ‘staying power’ to build a successful career. But, is this assessment really fair? And, with 43% of millennials planning to change jobs within the next two years, are attitudes towards so-called ‘job-hopping’ now starting to shift? To find out, we polled our Twitt...


Google for Jobs is Not a Job Board

06 March

I speak to recruiters on a daily basis, and recently I’ve been answering a lot of similar questions on the subject of Google for Jobs, so I figured it was time to collate these questions and offer some answers! (I’ve also thrown in some resources I’ve come across that I believe are useful and could be of great help too). Google for Jobs – Lesson One Before I dive into anything else, I cannot st...


‘Why is the NPS (Net Promoter Score) not more widespread in our industry?’

04 February

Quite obviously customer quotes and references reassure nervous prospects that they’re making the right decision, and we do the same here at Voyager Recruitment Software – but we go further. For those not aware, the Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction re...


Why video in recruitment is so successful

16 January

It’s been a well-known fact for some years that video helps your social media channels. Engagement in video advertising has outstripped static social advertising for several years – In fact, this has been the case since 2016. A whopping 87% of twitter users regularly watch video content on Twitter. But what does this mean for the world of recruitment? In a world driven by a very competitive can...


Apprenticeships & Recruitment

03 December

How do you define an ‘Apprenticeship’? Whether you’re an employer, employee or jobseeker, upon hearing the word - you’re likely to envision a young person employed in a low-level role within a manual trade such as bricklaying or plumbing. Apprenticeships in the Past For some, there has been a generally accepted belief that apprentices aren’t ‘academically-focused’ and often, they’re found worki...


Attracting top talent using human connection

28 November

The first thing to bear in mind when considering your talent attraction strategy is this: what, where and how people search for jobs has never been so easy, so varied, nor put candidates so completely in control. There is no loyalty to any particular agency or job board; searching takes place anywhere, everywhere and at all times. The introduction of Google for Jobs means candidates need only s...


How to Adopt Early Technologies as a Recruiter

12 November

As business owners, this is something you’ll hear more and more over the next few years; we’re currently in the middle of a technical revolution, which is moving faster than ever before. I fear that businesses and recruiters who don’t embrace new technology will begin to fall behind over the coming years.  It won’t be noticeable at first, but it will begin to creep and build and then it will be...