Google for Jobs is Not a Job Board

I speak to recruiters on a daily basis, and recently I’ve been answering a lot of similar questions on the subject of Google for Jobs, so I figured it was time to collate these questions and offer some answers! (I’ve also thrown in some resources I’ve come across that I believe are useful and could be of great help too).

Google for Jobs – Lesson One

Before I dive into anything else, I cannot stress strongly enough the fact that Google for Jobs is nothing more than a list of search results – it is not a job board.

Q1: How do I know if my jobs are on Google for Jobs or not?

Do a Google search! Yep – it’s that simple. Google your business name followed by the word jobs. You should see a box appear in your Google search titled ‘Jobs’. For each listing, Google shows the vacancy using the following structure:

Line 1 – Job Title

Line 2 – Employer

Line 3 – Via the application site. (This could be your website or one of the job boards you use.)

It’s important to note that Google for Jobs will try to match up duplicates, so a single vacancy might actually display the option of applying via several sources once you actually click through on the role.

Q2: Do I need an App or plug-in so my jobs appear on Google for Jobs?

You don’t ‘add’ or upload your jobs to Google for jobs. You post your vacancies in the usual way and, once they’re online, the Google spiders will come along and crawl through them. (Just as they did prior to July 2018 when Google ror Jobs was launched).

Q3: How do I get my jobs to appear on Google for Jobs?

When the webpage containing your vacancy is crawled, Google will identify any tags that indicate the page contains a job. Your developer can advise you on what they have done to ensure that your vacancy pages are feeding the Google spiders with the correct information. Other than making sure your site is feeding Google the right information or adding the vacancy on a site that you know is – it’s kind of out of your control!

Q4: Can I check what Google sees when it looks at my jobs?

YES! Although it may not mean much to you in honesty. You can visit Google’s Structured data tool and test the URL from one of your vacancies. (Make sure that it is the URL from a specific vacancy and not just your home page or vacancy page!) You’ll be able to see straight away if Google sees your vacancy as a job post or not and also dig deeper and see specifically what level of detail about your roles Google is able to identify.

Q5: You can’t apply for my jobs through Google For Jobs – should I invest in developing my website?

My answer to this varies depending on who I’m speaking to as there are quite a few things to consider.

1.  What job boards do you use?

If your vacancies are appearing via your job boards, how important is it that they appear via your website too? Would investing in optimising your website for Google For Jobs save you money on job boards in the long run?

2.  What types of roles are you recruiting for?

You know your candidates – how are they going to look for vacancies? Are you looking for temp roles that can be promoted via Facebook?

3.  Are you using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

If the answer is yes, it’s more than likely they have already taken measures to ensure they are leveraging Google for Jobs for you.

4.  Are your jobs hosted on your website?

If you don’t add vacancies to your website – you don’t need to do anything for Google For Jobs! If your website is the ONLY place you post your vacancies online, you need to consider investing in having your web developer updating your schema!

5.  What are the capabilities of your website CMS (Content Management System)?

For some websites, to make the necessary updates the costs might be minimal. For others, it could run into £1000s. Ask your web developer for a quote and assess the damage! Is it worth the investment right now to update the site? Would it be more productive to invest in a workaround until you get to a point where your website is ready for an overhaul and invest in a direct Google for Jobs presence at that point?

At the time of writing, Google for Jobs in the UK is still less than 12 months old. We’re still waiting for reliable UK based stats that will help us understand the impact it has had for both recruiters and the recruitment industry as a whole. Right now, I strongly believe that it is essential UK Recruiters are aware of their presence (or lack of presence) on Google For Jobs so they can make sure they have a plan going forward and make the right decisions.


Christina Robinson, Digital Services Manager

Green Umbrella

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