Top 10 Tips For Taking Recruitment Tests

21 February

Searching for a new job is almost a full-time job itself. It’s packed full of stresses like making sure your CV is in the best shape, putting across the best impression possible to your recruiter and the hiring manager. Then you’re asked to sit through some recruitment assessments. Aaargh – as if you haven’t got enough to contend with! Ok relax. Take a breath. If your recruiter is asking you to...


Proven LinkedIn Techniques That Work If You Are Unemployed

19 December

If you have recently found yourself out of work then it is time to get busy updating your social media sites. With exception to checking that your Facebook and twitter profiles have no embarrassing photos, posts/Tweets that are in the public domain, racist or profanities, then the most important profile you need to take care over is good old LinkedIn. I guarantee that potential employers will b...


The Robots Are Coming!

04 December

The past few weeks I have had the most interesting discussions about future jobs, which ones will still be available and what could be new on the horizon. It’s been fascinating! The discussions have been from Electrical / System Maintenance Engineers working remotely, picking up ad hoc fixing problems for a set price, maybe whilst sat on a beach! To 3D printing your own food?...!!! We are big t...


Is Your Counter-Offer Counter-Productive?

01 December

So, congratulations you have searched for a new role, been selected, been offered, have accepted AND resigned! You’re home and dry right? Ready to walk in to the sunset! NOT SO FAST … assuming that you are a valuable employee, and assuming that the axe wasn’t about to fall anyway through dismissal or redundancy, a counter offer is likely coming. I have found throughout my 15+ year recruitment c...


12 Steps to Doing Your Resignation Right

22 November

So, congratulations you have searched for a new role, been selected, offered and have accepted. You’ve done the hard work, right? Well there’s still one big job to do … handing in your notice AKA resigning! While some people can’t wait to tell their current Boss where to stick his job, and we’ll come on to that approach later, many people if they’re honest find it a difficult appointment/proces...


How Many Pages Should Your CV Be?

21 November

I felt compelled to put pen to paper, or fingers to keypad after speaking to a huge amount of candidates over the last few weeks at varying levels. The advice I give to my candidates about CV’s is simple….this is your one chance to sell yourself so go for it. But there are people out there telling candidates who earn a good salary to keep CV’s to 2 pages. Really? Is this good advice? I categori...


When Is The Best Time To Look For A New Job?

20 November

Some days I spend more than 5 hours on the phone talking to people looking for a new job. And my interview style is very relaxed, it’s about getting to know the person and their key motivators, but despite me being laid back, I do have some standard questions which I always ask and one is “why are you looking for a new job?” The answers are so varied, from the standard ones of wanting more mone...


5,000th Apprentice Placed in Job

09 November

Introducing apprentice Thomas Fougler, the 5,000th unemployed young person placed by Key Recruitment and Training in the last 5 years. Thomas is an apprentice at St Benedicts Insurance in Norwich and wins an iPad Mini from SkillsFirst Awards, sponsors of an award for every 1,000 unemployed young person we place in a job with an apprenticeship. ​ Thomas Fouglers’ Experience: After finishing my f...


Negotiate Your Offer Like a Champ!

08 November

Congratulations, you are the preferred candidate in a recruitment process and have been offered or are expecting an offer from a company you are hopefully interested in joining! So what now, hope for the best and whatever it is, it is? This very often seems to be the strategy; however with my 15+ year’s recruitment experience and success in negotiating literally hundreds of offers, this blog wi...


Is Your Salary on the Money?

04 September

Maybe you’re in an active job search and want to know what salary to target? Maybe you feel your salary has slipped behind and you are considering looking for another job that pays what you are worth? Maybe you are looking for ammunition to take to your performance/salary review with your current company. Maybe it’s just idle curiosity. Any which way, salary guides and more specifically, “is MY...