20 Tips to Rise Above Rejection

14 August

So, you’re ‘putting yourself out there’ by considering some job opportunities. Sending your CV into job postings, tapping up some contacts, maybe speaking to a trusted recruiter, hopefully attending some interviews. One of the most difficult parts of the job-search process, which isn’t blogged about too much, is handling rejection. Well congratulations, you’re already over the first hurdle, by ...


Prepare to Smash Your Interview!

07 August

So you are in an active job search and/or are open to suggestions and have secured yourself an interview? Congratulations! The interview is where, ‘the rubber hits the road’, in your job search. Personally, I think reliance on an interview to determine the best candidate for a position is a broken system , none-the-less this is exactly how 90% of hiring decisions will be made currently. So be p...


Winning with a Recruiter!

21 July

So you are either committed to an active job-search or are a ‘passive’ candidate who wants to keep an eye on ‘what is out there’. Either way it could be a worthwhile strategy to get connected with one or more recruitment consultants / agencies. A common objection that I come across from people when sceptical about using a recruiter is “I don’t need a recruitment agency, I’ve always been able to...


Social Media: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

14 July

So as always, but even more so when you are in job search mode, social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how it is used or abused! I’ll go through a few a few tools/technologies and specific advice, however the over-arching theme here will be to ‘control your online brand’. In the employment market you are the product/solution and you are also the Marketing Manager...


20 Quick Wins for a Killer CV!

16 June

1. Redo CV So first advice is to redo your CV from scratch or at least give it a serious overhaul from top to bottom so that it is fit-for-purpose in the here-and-now. You can google CV examples and templates and start with one you like as a basic; there is no one-size-fits-all across industries, jobs, and levels of seniority. However, I’m confident that the following guidelines will serve you ...


Prepare to Nail Your Job Search!

01 June

So you have drawn the conclusion that it’s time to move job? Are you going to plan your job-search before throwing yourself in at the deep end? Surely you just bang your CV out to job posts that catch your eye, and maybe a few agencies, and see what happens, right? I would argue that your job and more importantly your career is actually a strategically important item. There is potentially a hug...


5 Great Ways to Own Your New Job

20 February

You’ve just started your new job and you are enjoying it. Even though you feel excited, you’re also anxious at the same time. Starting a new job and learning to get used to a new environment is not always easy. It can feel like a whirl of mixed emotions. However, that’s completely normal, because everything new takes time to adjust to. As the newest member of the team you are eager to impress y...